Berner Oberland Ski Tour
Equipment List for Skiing in the Alps

Skinning up for a blue bird powder day at the Hollandia Hutte

Come join A.G.I. on an amazing ski mountaineering tour through the heart of the Heart Swiss Alps, The Berner Oberland. This is a week of ski touring, climbing and skiing some of the most picturesque peaks in the Swiss Alps on large glaciated terrain. Crowned by the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch the Bernes Oberland has a big mountain feel such as one may experience in Alaska, large glaciers, stunning scenery and yet all accessible from an amazing mountain hut system. We will begin and end our journey in the village of Interlaken. After several train transfers we will emerge from the Jungfraujoch Train Station (3400m), the highest railroad in Europe. History of early alpinism and ski descents is in the air as we travel through the North face of the Eiger and peer out the viewing windows and marvel at the Swiss engineering! It is from here we then begin our tour through many mountain cols and glaciers from one comfortable mountain hut to another. There are many variations along the way due to hut availability, weather and group needs that the following is an example of one of the many possibilities. This truly is an amazing week of ski mountaineering through fantastic terrain by day and wonderful food, spirits and camaraderie by night.

Summit of the Wyssnollen

Possible Itinerary:
Day 0 - Meet and greet in Interlaken for equipment check, itinerary review and dinner

Day 1 – Ride the legendary Jungfraujoch Train and Presto we are in an alpine paradise! We will do a short tour or climb the Monch, 4107m on the way to the Monchsjoch Hut, 3657m

Day 2 – An early start for an ascent and ski descent of the Jungfrau, 4158m or the Louwithorn 3777m and continue through the Louwitor Col 3676m for an elegant ski down the Kranbergfirn glacier to the Konkordia Hut, 2850m

Day 3 – Head up the Gruneggfirn glacier with the option of an ascent and ski on the Grunegghorn as we make our way over the Grunhornlucke Col. From here we can also ski the Wysnollen en route to the Finsteraarhorn Hut, 3048m

Find the Finsteraarhorn Hut

Day 4 – Head up on the Finsteraarhorn for a ski. We will spend a second night there.
Day 5 – Ski ascent of the Grosses Wannenhorn, 3905m en route to the Oberaarjoch Hut 3256m
Day 6 – Sunrise from this amazing hut gets us ready for a lovely ski over a couple cols and a nice long ski descent of the Bachigletscher glacier and taxi down to Reckingen and train back to Interlaken.

Ski skills and fitness level needed for an enjoyable outing:
Participants need to be solid intermediate to advanced skiers who are comfortable in variable snow conditions in a variety of terrain including avalanche terrain. There are some steep sections on this tour that we often boot up and side step or get lowered down on a rope. With that said there isn't much real steep skiing as most of it consists of moderate angled glacier skiing. It is important to have the skills to manage speed and have control in variable surface conditions (powder, hard pack, breakable crust, corn and pack powder) while in glaciated terrain. There are a number of hard days interspersed with easier days on this tour.

At a minimum standard of fitness, skiers need to be able to ski on a tour up to 6 -8 hours with a 25lb pack covering up to 1500 m (5000') skinning/boot and skiing. Having these following skills will make our tour more enjoyable as well as safer:

Backcountry ski touring experience including skinning on an AT or Tele set up in avalanche terrain while using a transceiver, shovel and probe and have basic understanding of this equipment.

Ability to make kick turns in hard pack and soft snow conditions in steep terrain. We will work on these skills day one on a tour but working experience prior will help not only proficiency but also safety.

Side stepping in 45-degree hard pack or soft snow conditions

Falling leaf (side slipping to and fro) in 45-degree terrain on hard pack or soft snow conditions

Link turns for speed control in exposed 40-degree hard pack conditions

Link turns in soft snow conditions while skiing fall line

Memorable Days in the Berner Oberland

Trip Cost and Dates:
$2500.00 group of 4 or more
April into early May

Trip Cost Includes:
IFMGA/UIAGM guide for 6 days at a 4 to 1 ratio
Lifts, trains and bus transfers
Two nights in Interlakken hotel (double bed occ.)
Five nights at mountain huts complete with breakfast/dinner
Office support

Trip Cost Does NOT include:
Air transportation to or from Geneva, Switzerland
Train transfers from Geneva to Interlakken
Lunch food or town food
Drinks and treats at huts (water is Very Expensive)
Rescue insurance see AAC
Travel insurance (optional but highly recommended)
Delays due to unpredictable circumstances such as bad weather, transportation problems including trams and trains, sickness, lost baggage etc…

Grosser Aletschrirn

Terms and Agreement:
$500.00 Deposit per person is due at time of booking
Total payment due 60 days prior to departure date
Cancellations of 60 or more days prior to departure, A.G.I will charge $100.00 fee and refund the remaining amount.
No refund for cancellation made within 60 days of departure date! If you or I are able to resell your trip space we will refund all but $100.00 of the total amount.
If A.G.I. cancels the trip you can expect a full refund

Additional Days: Of course there is fantastic skiing all along the way. If folks wish to book further days of touring while in this area please let me know to make prior arrangements. We can stay multi nights at any of the huts and have options for lots of terrain to ski.

Transportation to and from:
I suggest flying into Geneva, Switzerland, access Interlakken via one of the many Swiss trains.

Skiing the dream in the Heart of the Swiss Alps!

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